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Contra Moves & Timing

Allemande - 8 beats

Balance - 4 beats

Balance & Swing from 4 to 12 beats; Use a tune with accents (or chords) at the point where a balance occurs, it's nice to have a quarter note figure in a jig or a heavy accent in a reel.

Circle right or left - 8 beats

Courtesy turn - 4 beats

Do-sa-do - 8 beats

Down the center - 16 beats to walk down, turn around, and come back up; use smooth music or march-type music

Forward and back - 8 beats

Full hey - 16 beats; use smooth music

Gypsy - smooth music; a minor key works well

Ladies chain across the set - 8 beats

Across and back - 16 beats

Pass through - 4 beats

Petronella turn - 4 beats; with a clap-clap on beats 3.5 - 4

Promenade - usually 16 beats (half - 8 beats)

Right and left through - 16 beats (half - 8 beats)

Roll away with a half sashay - 4 beats

Star right or left - 8 beats to go around once

Swing - 4 to 8 beats (or longer)

Wavy line balance - 4 beats; jigs work well

I don't remember where this information originated, but most of it is common knowledge among contra callers. Please contact the webmaster with additions or corrections.