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Updated July 30, 2018


Organized in 1986, in Indianapolis, Indiana, CONTRALAB was formed, by a group of Contra Dance Leaders with a stated purpose of furthering and promoting the contra dance activity.

CONTRALAB is governed by a nine member board of governors, with three members being elected to the board at each annual meeting.  The board of governors then elect the officers for the organization.

The annual meeting for CONTRALAB is generally held on the Wednesday immediately preceding the National Square Dance Convention.  The CONTRALAB  mentoring program conducted during the morning session of the annual meeting is designed to help contra dance callers/prompters or those who wish to become a contra dance caller/prompter.  In conjunction with the monitoring program, CONTRALAB is proud to sponsor the “Bob Osgood” scholarship program.  The scholarship program helps to finance the winning applicant’s attendance at the annual meeting.  Also, CONTRALAB sponsors an Energizer Trail=In Dance on Tuesday evening prior to the CONTRALAB Convention and leading up to the National Square Dance Convention.

CONTRALAB is also proud to be a member of “The ARTS.”  The ARTS stands for the Alliance of Rounds, Traditional and Square Dance activities.

The mission of CONTRALAB is to promote Contra Dance across the world by:

1. Assisting in the development of Contra Dance leaders and callers.

2. Providing a forum for the exchange of diverse ideas and dances.

3. To provide a means of educating prospective leaders.

4. To offer mentoring to other members.

5. To make available for members the resources held by other members.

Membership Information

Membership in CONTRALAB is open to anyone with an interest in promoting Contra Dancing.

Our membership consists of Callers/Prompters and other leaders from around the world.  We have members from Canada, England, Germany and the United States.  The membership consists of leaders from the various genre’ of Contra Dance, i.e. Modern, New England, Country Dance, Historical Dance and others.

This broad spectrum of dance leaders and dance styles makes CONTRALAB unique in its ability to share ideas and incorporate other ideas into our programs.  This broad spectrum of membership also allows CONTRALAB to publish a wealth of information and dances in the CONTRALAB  Quarterly.  This publication is one of the perks of membership along with the Energizer dance before our annual convention.

Dues are due shortly after the annual meeting in late June when the dues for the year are set.  Members on the roster are from:

California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and from Canada, England, and Germany.

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