The International Association of Contra Callers, Inc.
updated December 5, 2013






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Membership Information

Membership in CONTRALAB is open to anyone with an interest in promoting Contra Dancing.

Our membership consists of Callers/Prompters and other leaders from around the world. We have members from Canada, England, Germany and the United States. The membership consists of leaders from the various genre' of Contra Dance, i.e. Modern, New England, Country Dance, Historical Dance and others.

This broad spectrum of dance leaders and dance styles makes CONTRALAB unique in it's ability to share ideas and incorporate other ideas into our programs. This broad spectrum of membership also allows CONTRALAB to publish a wealth of information and dances in the CONTRALAB Quarterly.

Currently we have approximately 31 members. Dues are due shortly after the annual meeting in late June when the dues for the year are set.  Members on the roster about that time (some before dues were paid) are from:

Arkansas (2), California (1), Connecticut (1), Georgia (1), Hawaii (1), Illinois (1), Indiana (1), Kansas (1), Kentucky (4), Massachusetts (1), Minnesota (1), North Carolina (1), Ohio (3), Oklahoma (1), Tennessee (2), Texas (1), Washington (2), Wisconsin (2),
. . . . . . . and from:
Canada (1), England (1), Germany (2)

Member Callers Listing:
Lissa Bengtson ((210) 867-0692
1343 W. Lullwood Ave., San Antonio, TX 78201
Contra, International Folk Dances, English Country Dances, Scottish Country Dances
Able to travel with enough notice
With two months notice, can usually arrange for a live band of traditional musicians
(fiddle, guitar, bass, banjo, bodran, keyboard)
Pat Kelm (715) 623-4523
Contra, Traditional, Mixers, Rounds Ph II; North Central WI
Duane Olson
Contra; Lake Park, MN
Judy Weger (239) 410-3069
Traditional, Contra, & Line; Cleveland/Akron area - May-Sept., Hudson, FL - Oct-April
Dottie Welch (902) 435-4544
Contra, Squares - Basic to C2, Rounds Ph II, caller & prompter training; Halifax, Nova Scotia

Anyone interested in membership may contact the financial officer for membership application and information about dues and more.