The International Association of Contra Callers, Inc.

Greetings fellow Contra enthusiasts!

          It’s time to pay Contralab dues for 2018-2019! Please see the enclosed or attached Membership Application. In addition to verifying your address and other contact information, please let us know how things are going for you!

          Be sure to include a current email address and telephone number. Membership Dues: $20 for this year.

          If you have friends who should be members of Contralab, I’ll be glad to mail them an application, or email it to them—just let me know their address. (Or, you can “gift” them with a membership!) Just as we did last year, for your convenience, there is also a way to join or renew on-line at the following website:

          Besides membership, there are options on that site for donating to our 2018, 2019 or 2020 Live Music fund. Of course, you can also include these options with your mailed-in membership! Please send your check, payable to Contralab, to:

Lissa Bengtson, 1343 W. Lullwood Ave, San Antonio, TX 78201

          Contralab members recently enjoyed the 67th National Square Dance Convention in Kansas City, with hours and hours of contra dancing, a tremendous Energizer Dance on Tuesday with a live band, and live music during the convention as well! Contra room Chairman Maureen Wilkins did an outstanding job, with excellent support from the Contralab board of directors that were able to attend the convention.

          Next year’s NSDC in Atlanta takes place June 26-29 (Energizer Dance June 25!) Gary Chamberlain is the Contra liaison. Atlanta and nearby North Carolina have many talented contra callers and dancers, so we anticipate outstanding regional participation.

          If you would like to submit an article or a nice contra dance you have enjoyed, the deadlines for the Quarterlies are: April 15, July 15, October 15, January 15 Send submissions to Pat Kelm at

          Other questions or ideas? Just let me know! Thank you so much,

Lissa Bengtson 210-867-0692



The International Association of Contra Callers

Membership Application

Last Name: ________________First ____________________

Partner’s Name: _________________________________________________

Mailing Address: _____________________________________________



Email Address: ___________________________________________________

Tel: (_______) _____________Alt Tel: (______) ___________

Please tell us something about yourself and your interest and experience in contra dancing.

Also please list any clubs or groups that you call for or dance with.








Please send this application with $______ (check payable to Contralab) to

Lissa Bengtson, Contralab Financial Officer. 1343 W. Lullwood Ave. San Antonio, TX 78201-4520

Online payment ($2.09 fee) is available until December 14, 2018 at

https:\\ The membership year is July through June.

Membership in this association is open to anyone with an interest in contra dancing; callers, leaders,

dancers, historians, musicians, etc.

We encourage you to submit articles to the Contralab Quarterly at