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Updated May 4, 2018

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Chairman's Corner

       We are fast approaching the 67th National Square Dance Convention in Kansas City and hope that many of you are registered.  Mo Wilkins has been busy planning and preparing the Contra program for the Convention.

We hope that many of you can arrive early and participate in the Energizer dance on Tuesday evening.  We believe the off-site facility will be a good venue for this dance.  It is Luther Hall at Immanuel Lutheran Church, 1700 Westport Road in Kansas City and is only about 4 miles from the Convention Center.  We can certainly plan on car-pooling to the dance so that those without vehicles will not have to pay to get to the dance.  A 4-piece band called Euphoria String Band has been contracted for the dance.  A flyer has been prepared and is available for anyone who wants to advertise the dance.  The plan is to send the information to the Kansas City Cross Currents contra group so they can pass the information on to their members and invite them to the dance.

        Wednesday morning we will have a group discussion among our members. The topics we plan to focus on are:

1      Members talk about successes in their contra dance programs.

2      Issues members face in their contra dance programs and ideas to resolve those.

3      Workshop to help newer callers who have questions about decoding choreography or with prompting.

Wednesday afternoon is our Contralab meeting following by the Board meeting.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will have full days of dancing with live bands on Friday and Saturday evenings.  All of these events will be held in the Contra room at the Convention venue.

We look forward to once again seeing all of our dance friends at the Convention.  That is the real bonus of attending a National Square Dance Convention.  See you there.

                                                                    Duane Olson




A book we recommend for you written by Paul Moore:

As I Saw It

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Convention News


          Well folks, Duane and I, with Lissa’s assistance, have been working on the 67th National Square Dance Convention all winter and I believe that we are on the homestretch. The Contra Hall is coming along nicely – hopefully I have butted heads with the right folks. Another story…

          Tuesday evening Contralab will sponsor a dance at the Immanuel Lutheran church at 1700 Westport Rd, KC, MO.  The band “Euphoria Stringband” will be playing for our dancing pleasure.  They are a band from Lawrence, KS and consist of 4 members: Dick Powers, Pat Dickey, Pete Gilbreath, and Richelle Basgail.  I am attaching a flyer that has been emailed to several folks in the KC area.  I have received a couple of inquiries both by email and my phone regarding the convention.  Hopefully this is a good sign. A grant from CDSS has been applied for the June 1st round of consideration. We will know sometime after that if we receive any grant money.

          We are advertising on the 67th website – on the Trail’s End dances. Check it out.

          Friday evening the Contra Hall will have “Shortleaf Band” from the Rogersville, MO area to entertain and dance to. They have 2 band members: Michael Fraser and Tenley Hansen.

          For Saturday evening dancing fun we will have “The Dire Ducks” playing in the Contra hall. They hail from Manhattan, KS and they have 4 band members: Robert Rosenberg, Alice Boyle, Mike Black, and Lauralyn Bodie.

          I am in the process of obtaining pricings to print the Syllabus here in Iowa.  If anyone has a connection with a printing company – please let me know.  I am still in the process of assembling material for the Syllabus, if you have not submitted any material you still have time to submit your dance patters.

       Hope to see everyone in KC on Tuesday evening, June 26th.

Mo Wilkins

Vice Chair – Contra