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Updated January 30, 2019

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Chairman's Corner

††††††††† We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and now as we move into 2019 we look forward to a great year of dancing in all its forms, but especially Contra dancing.

Preparations for the 68th National Square Dance Convention (NSDC) in Atlanta are under way.Gary Chamberlain and Jeff Smith are working on the Contra program for this convention.If Jeff or Gary contact you for assistance, please support them in any way you can.

The Energizer dance will be held on Tuesday evening, June 25, 2019, at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta.We encourage everyone to plan on attending this dance.Gary and Jeff will be providing more details as they get them firmed up.

The Wednesday schedule will be similar to previous years with a discussion/education session in the morning and CONTRALAB meetings in the afternoon.The Thursday, Friday, and Saturday schedules are being finalized and we are looking forward to some great dancing.

If you havenít already registered for the 68th NSDC, please consider registering as soon as possible.It should be a fun convention in an interesting area of the country and there will be some great Contra dancing

Duane Olson




A book we recommend for you written by Paul Moore:

As I Saw It

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Upcoming Project


To all Contralab Members -


I would like to compile all the dances that were published in past national conventions' syllabi.A lot of great dances may have been forgotten or never experienced by people like me. Many times I've danced to really great sequences, but only remember that they were fun to dance to.


A standard format (TBD) will be used to document all of the dances that have been submitted over the years, while sorting out the duplicates. This compilation will be created in Word 2007, and can then be redistributed to Contralab members.


In my possession are syllabi from the 65th, 59th and 54th conventions. There are obviously a lot I am missing. I do not know when Contralab started distributing them at conventions. If you have any duplicates or 'unsold' pamphlets, I would like have one.


Photocopies of your original would also be good. It may be easiest to scan and e-mail. I'll be more than happy to pay round trip postage for any personal copies on loan.


It will probably take me most of Jan-Feb of 2019 to accomplish this, but hey, it gets cold here, and I will need something to do while sitting by the fire!


- Dennis Wiggins†††††