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Updated January 3, 2018

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Chairman's Corner (Fall 2017)

       The fall dance season is in full swing and hope everyone is supporting their local dances.  I understand that so far eight Contra callers are registered for the 67th National Square Dance Convention (NSDC) at Kansas City, 26 – 30 June 2018.  Hopefully several more will be able to make it.  Evidently a couple of those still need to complete their profile information before they can be programmed.  We encourage our Contralab members to seriously consider attending the 67th NSDC and get your registrations sent in.  For some of us the National Conventions are one of the few times during the year that we get to dance Contra for several days.

We are working on finding a place for the Tuesday evening dance (June 26th), traditionally called the “Energizer” dance.  The thought is that if we hold the dance at the Convention Center it is not always conducive to having local dancers attend.  If we have the dance in an area where local Contra dancers normally dance they are more likely to attend the dance.  Hopefully we can make that happen in Kansas City.

We are searching for bands so we can have live music for our evening dances.  We have obtained some information from a local Contra group and are checking out those leads.  Having a live band for the evening dances creates an enjoyable dance atmosphere for the dancers as well as the callers.

In closing, keep dancing and we hope to see many of you at the 67th NSDC.

                                                                  Duane Olson




A book we recommend for you written by Paul Moore:

As I Saw It

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Excerpts from the Fall 2017 Quarterly:

Bales of Hey

Submitted by Dottie Welch


Ladies Lead Half a Hey:

   Hey is a weaving movement done along a line.  All four dancers walk along the same three-loop pathway.  The full action is usually allotted sixteen beats of music.

   For Ladies Lead Half a Hey, begin with the two facing ladies passing each other by the right shoulder.  Each gent adjusts to his right to pass the approaching lady by the left shoulder.  While the gents pass each other in the middle by the right shoulder, the ladies make a big loop to the left to face back in. There are various endings.  Without additional instructions, each gent should individually turn left to end beside the lady he was following and blend into the next call.


Half Hey Slide

Dottie Welch, November 2005

Formation: Couples Facing Couples


A1        Ladies Chain

Half Promenade

A2        Ladies Lead Half a Hey (ladies pass right to start)

Ladies Chain


B1        Circle Left (8); Circle Right (8)

B2        Let Go and Slide Right to the next couple’s spot

Long Lines Forward and Back


Chain the Hey

By Becky Hill

Formation:  Alternate Duple

Music:  Lamplighting Time on MacGregor, CMGR 300 (130 b/m)


A1        Corner Dosado, Same one SWING

Men Star Left once and a half around

A2        Partner Swing


B1        Half Promenade with your partner

            Right and Left Thru

B2        Ladies lead Half a Hey

            Ladies Chain


Beckets with Ladies Lead Full Hay:


Ladies Lead Hey for Four: Ladies begin by passing right shoulders, opposite genders pass left shoulders, gents pass right shoulders while ladies big loop left.  Opposite genders pass left shoulders.  Continue in the same three loop pattern with Ladies passing right while gents big loop left, and gents pass right while ladies big loop left.

There are variations in the final action depending on the next call.


Hey Slide

Dottie Welch, November 2005

Formation: Couples Facing

Fiddler's Music: Golden Keyboard, Swinging Gate, Bay of Fundy


A1        Long Lines Forward and Back

Gents Dosado

A2        Ladies Lead (right shoulder) Hey for Four


B1        Ladies Dosado

All four make a Right-Hand Star

B2        Circle Right

Let go and Slide Right (to the next couple’s spot)


Hay Stacks

Submitted by Pat Kelm


Hay in the Barn

Chart Guthrie (From Wikipedia)

Formation: Improper duple


A1      (16) Neighbors balance and swing.

A2      (8) Ladies chain across,

          (8) Half hey, ladies pass right shoulders to start.


B1      (16) Partners balance and swing.

B2      (8) Ladies chain across,

          (8) Half hey, ladies pass right shoulders to start.


First Hey

Author: Paul Balliet  (Dec. 1993)

Formation: Improper Duple


A1     With Neighbor Allem. L 1 1/2, Ladies Chain

A2     Ladies pass by the R for a full Hey


B1     With Partner Balance & Swing

B2     Circle L 3/4, Balance the Circle, Pass Thru

Designed as the first hey for new dancers. 


New England March

Author: Tony McUmber

Music: New England March

Formation: Improper Duple


A1     Left hand lady swing

          Down in 4's

A2     Dixie Twirl*

         Come back, cast off


B1     Half Promenade

          Ladies start a Hey for 4

B2     Finish the Hey for 4

         Lines fwd  & back

Dixie Twirl

    In a line of four dancers, the center pair arches. The extreme right person leads through the arch (taking the one on their left along for the ride) while the left person walks to the right. This results in an inverted line now facing the other way.