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Updated June 18, 2019


17 June 2019


CONTRALAB Annual Meeting

           Tentative Agenda

June 26th, 2019

1:00 to 2:30 pm

Room:  Renaissance Waverly Hotel
Kennesaw Ballroom (Contra Hall)


    Acknowledgement of:

Attendees and Visitors



1.     Call to order and Roll Call

2.     Quorum check         

3.     Go-To-Meeting – ? ? ? ?

4.     Minutes of the June 2018 Annual Meeting – Dottie Welch

5.     Treasurer’s Report – Lissa Bengtson

a.     Presentation of Bills

b.    Financial Report

c.      Badges – If someone wants a Contralab badge, contact “Tag-EM! Engraving” directly.                 Dripping Springs, TX

(512) 894-3634



6.     Correspondence

a.     E-mail from Jerry Reed, ARTS Exec Director – Subj: ARTS donation




7.     Committee Reports

a.     Sunshine – Joan Smith

b.     Membership – Lissa Bengtson

1.  Dues for 2020 – Currently $20

c.      Liaison to National Square Dance Conventions (NSDC)

1.  67th at Kansas City – Lissa Bengtson & Mo Wilkins

2.  68th at Atlanta– Gary Chamberlain & Jeff Smith

3.  69th at Spokane– Mo Wilkens & Rose Styczinski (Spokane rep)

4.  70th at Jackson – Jeff Smith & Dennis Wiggins


d.     Web Site – Pat Kelm 

1. Discuss cost.

e.     Scholarship



  1. Old Business

a.     Quarterly – Pat Kelm

b.     Brochures Do we still have enough for another year?

c.      Showcase of Ideas – Jeff Smith

       Showcase at Spokane?   (Jeff does not plan to attend)

d.    Contra Dance collection – Dennis Wiggins

e.      Publicity


9.     New Business

a.     Contra Syllabus – Discontinued this year.

1.                                                                                                                 Sharing new dances?

b.     Funding for featured callers and bands.

c.      Future of Contra at National Square Dance Conventions.

d.     Request from ARTS Board for donation – 8 June 2019




10.                        Election of new Board of Governors members

a.      Class of 2017: Judy Weger (1st), Duane Olson (1st), Larry McClain (1st)

b.      Class of 2018: Gary Chamberlain (2nd), Jeff Smith (2nd), Mo Wilkins (1st)

c.       Class of 2019: Lissa Bengtson (2nd), Pat Kelm (1st), Dottie Welch (3rd)

·         The terms of the above class (2019) end this year

d.      Class of 2020: Duane Olson (2nd), Dennis Wiggins (1st), Bob Kelm (1st)

e.       Class of 2021: Mo Wilkins (2nd), Gary Chamberlain (3rd), Jeff Smith (3rd)

f.       Class of 2022:


11.                          Adjournment



CONTRALAB Board of Governors Annual Meeting

            Tentative Agenda

June 26th, 2019

2:30 pm

Room:  Renaissance Waverly Hotel
Kennesaw Ballroom (Contra Hall)



Members present:


Members absent:




1.     Call to order

2.     Election of Officers             

3.     Other business

4.     Adjournment